How to get funding for start up business

Funding for start up business is not an easy task and requires creativity. Most of the Startups are relying on big companies to fund them which is a bad idea. Big business always puts profit over creativity and this way the idea could hurt you. Instead one should try some new ways of funding for start up business. (1) Crowdfunding – Start with loans from your friends and family and go forward to the crowd for small amounts of money. This concept called crowdfunding can help you initiate the business and the individual stakes of lenders are also small. The crowd also allows your idea more time to flourish. (2) Work in an undiscovered niche – Business ideas which are in a particular niche have more chances of success. Startups in specific niches have greater chances of getting funding from the market. This is due to more likelihood of success. (3) Start your business in a government grant area – Many kinds of projects are funded with grants from the government. For example, the energy sector concerning renewable sources like solar and wind are being funded by governments worldwide.